Planting Services

We provide a full garden design service from ‘root to tip!’.

From single standard trees to hedges, orchards and future woodlands, our team can prepare the site and give advice on species, soil type, position, growth and maintenance.

New plantings may be used to:

~Screen or frame a view  

~Provide shade or protection from wind or pollution

~Increase bio diversity and natural habitat 

~Add colour, texture and fruit production

An ‘After Care Program’ is essential to the success of any new planting and should include: guarding against damage by animals and strimmer’s. mulching to retain moisture, weed control, frost protection, improve soil structure and prevent certain plant diseases.

Staking is required to support young trees at the correct height as the tree grows. Removal of tie straps and guards is necessary during growth before damage is caused along with formative pruning to establish a mature tree free of structural defects.